Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tap East - Coffee in the Morning Re-fix

I love Coffee in the Morning, you love Coffee in the Morning, everybody loves Coffee in the Morning! (according to Camra at least) But you know what!? We're making some changes around here! Craft beer isn’t a new concept by any stretch of the imagination so like of most you, we know our beer, and craft beer ain't craft if you stop crafting at it! As such we've keep whittling away at our awesome beers to get you even craftier upgrades, cos we don't just stop at good! We want constant revolutions of greatness reflective of the reason we all long since abandoned heartlessly commercial always-tastes-the-same-without-actually-having-a-taste beers after all!
We have teamed up with like-minded agents of precision Perky Blenders and are adding their coffee know-how to our brewing techniques, opting for a combination of those subtler off-the-boil flavours, and cold brew styles of black gold. Perky Blenders are new staple coffee powerhouses, seen all around our stomping grounds East London (in Leytonstone station coffeehouse, Leyton Midlands station grinders and espresso bar, pop ups in and around you and distributing through subscriptions right to your door!) and though you needn't ask for it, we can definitely vouch for their serious coffee know-how. They are an inspired choice for the new and improved CITM; same concept for you lovers, but much improved on the fine details for you lot out of the dark.
Taking craft to the extremities of its meaning, no stone has been left unturned in its recipe this time around. Given their selection of exciting coffee’s, Rwandan Single Origin medium roast, Blend of the Month Ruby or any other suggestion, we opted for their signature roasted beans from Nyungwe, Rwanda and Santa Maria, Brazil, the titillating Forest Blend; a medium dark roast “rich cocoa, lively orange notes and a smooth hazelnut finish”, the perfect pair to an already outstanding beer.
So that you don't miss out on the painstaking lengths we go to for our craft, we’ll keep you updated on the brewday this Thursday the 25th of May, through the medium of song (or if Asst. Dan Barr and Head Brewer Jonny Park get their ways, photos on instagram and Facebook) so give us a tap and a wave when you visit!

Look out for the launch mid June

A. James Asst. Brewer

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