Friday, 10 April 2015

Long Playing Wednesdays

Here at Tap East we're not just beer lovers, we're music lovers too. That is why from now on every Wednesday we will be celebrating the LP in all it's varied forms. 

We will be asking you, the Tap East customer, to pick out your favourite albums and tell us what you want to hear. Then each Wednesday at 7:30pm we will play one of your suggested records in full.

Be they old favourites, modern classics, new releases or hidden gems, we want your suggestions!

Our first Long Playing Wednesday will be next week (15th April), and as yet we have not chosen our featured album for the week, so we need your help.

Tweet us, Facebook us, or email suggestions to with the subject title "Long Playing Wednesdays"

We will be announcing which of your suggested records will be featured as our debut Long Playing Wednesday album very soon...

1 comment:

Motivationally Challenged said...

Well the best 10 albums of all time are

1. Salutations from the Ghetto Nation - warrior soul
2. Earth vs - the Wildhearts
3. Meantime - helmet
4. Ten - pearl jam
5. Blues for the red sun - Kyuss
6. Sweet oblivion- screaming trees
7. Full blast Fuckery - wilson
8. Chutzpah - the Wildhearts
9. Robot hive/exodus - clutch
10. And justice for all - metallica

So any of those please