Friday, 22 August 2014

Open Brewhouse Beer Festival Day 1 - The Beer List


TAP EAST and Redemption – Weisse 6.5% abv
A London take on a classic German style wheat beer

TAP EAST and Canterbury Brewers – Belgian Pale Ale 6%abv
The Canterbury Brewers are based at The Foundry brew pub; they made the trip to Stratford to help us create this hoppy Belgian Pale.

TAP EAST and Totally Natural Solutions – Pomegranate Porter 4.7% abv
An aromatic and fruity dark ale, created with the help of TNS’ specialist extraction technology

TAP EAST and The Tap East Brewsters – Red IPA 6.3% abv
Meabh, Cilla and Lex took a day off from behind the bar to help create this amber IPA

TAP EAST – Summer Ale 4.6% abv
A distinctly fruity golden ale brewed with Citra and Mandarina Bavaria hops

TAP EAST – Blonde 4.3% abv
A light and refreshing blonde ale brewed with Australian hops

TAP EAST and Peoples Park Tavern – IPA 5% abv
Our head brewer Jonny travelled down the road to Victoria Park to team up with Jim Wilson to brew this East End IPA

EAST LONDON BREWING CO. – Jamboree (Crystal Dry Hopped) 4.8% abv
Chris from Tap East travelled to ELB to help brew this special version of ELB’s golden ale.

HACKNEY BREWERY – Calypso Eldorado 4.6% abv
A pale ale from Hackney Brewery’s “craft series” with a big fruity hop character

FYNE ALES – RUNE 3.5% abv
First brewed as a special for FyneFest 2012, a light summer ale brewed with plenty of Simcoe hops

MARBLE – Howgate & Kemp 6.4% abv
A New Zealand hopped pale ale produced with James Kemp of Thornbridge and Buxton fame

TOTALLY BREWED – Slap In the Face 4% abv
A blonde ale generously hopped with Summit , Cascade and Chinook hops

SIREN CRAFT BREW and ToØl – Ten Finger Discount 7.2% abv
A rare cask of this collaborative brew which is a 100% Citra IPA aged on Cedar wood

SHINY and BLACKJACK – Bullets IPA 5.3% abv
Another collaboration, brewed with Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin, Cascade and Citra hops.

SHINY – Wrench 4.4% abv
A stout brewed with 6 different malts for a complex and rich flavour

HANGING BAT – Extra Pale Ale 3.5% abv
A light and hoppy session beer

PILOT – Iced Tea Ale 5% abv
Flavoured with a unique tea blend, Amarillo and Citra hops plus plenty of fresh lemongrass

FALLEN BREWING CO. – Blackhouse Smoked Porter 5%abv
Peat smoked malts, Noble hops and dehusked roasted malt combine to give a complex, smoky beer with subtle fruity notes


TAP EAST and Portobello – Blueberry Berliner 3.5% abv
A cloudy sour Berliner Weisse beer fermented with 5 kilos of blueberries

THE KERNEL – IPA (Citra Amarillo) 6.9% abv
Asa from Tap East joined the Kernel brewery to help brew this batch of their famous IPA

THE KERNEL – London Sour Raspberry 3% abv
A fruity sour ale in the Berliner Weisse style

SIREN CRAFT BREW and MIKKELLER – Limoncello IPA 9.1% abv
A Collaborative brew with the aim of creating the flavour and mouthfeel of a Limoncello, with the carbonation a lemony hop hit of an IPA

TEMPEST BREWING CO.  – Unforgiven 5.4% abv
An oak smoked rye beer infused with juniper

SUMMER WINE BREWERY – Idaho Red 6.2% abv
An American style brown ale

HANGING BAT and FYNE ALES – Bat Fynk 5.5% abv
A collaborative juniper rye ale

SIX° NORTH – Hopocrisy 4.6% abv
A Belgian style hoppy blonde

BRODIE’S – Bret Dalston Black IPA  7% abv
Brodie’s famous Dalston black IPA fermented with Brettanomyces yeast with it’s characteristic sour and funky flavour

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