Friday, 15 August 2014

Open Brewhouse Beer Festival - The Beers

The Tap East Open Brewhouse Beer Festival will see us launch a very special selection of one offs and collaborative brews that have been crafted here at our onsite microbrewery. We are very pleased to announce that from the 22nd - 24th August we will be launching the following...

Tap East & Redemption - Weisse 6.5% abv
Tap East & Canterbury Brewers - Belgian Pale Ale 6% abv
Tap East & Portobello - Blueberry Berliner 3.5% abv
Tap East & Totally Natural Solutions - Pomegranate Porter 4.7% abv
Tap East & The Tap East Brewsters - Red IPA 6.3% abv
Tap East - Summer Ale 4.6% abv
Tap East - Imperial Coffee In the Morning 8.6% abv
Tap East - Blonde 4.3% abv

These will feature alongside a wide range of other special guest brews, including beers from the likes of Fyne Ales, The Kernel, ELB, Siren, Marble, Shiny, Rocky Head, Hanging Bat and many more. So be sure not to miss it!

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