Thursday, 12 July 2012

Beer Launch This Weekend!

Afternnon all,

Kellerman, Cellerman, Potato, Tomato..
Tomorrow we launch the latest beer to be brewed here at Tap East, The Kellerman. It's a 'Kolsch-Style' beer that's been fermented at a higher temperature than a lager and we've used top fermenting yeast. Then we lagered it.

The beer itself is 4.9% abv, Pale and golden which is herbal and grassy. Based on the Kolsch style from Koln in Northern Germany, it's more bitter than a lager and we have to say, we're pretty proud of it.

This one was brewed by our Head Brewer, Jim Wilson and our Cellerman, Chris, brother of Boak (Boak and Bailey fame).

So join us on Friday evening for Beer and Bratwurst!!


Benjamin Nunn said...

Might be a good time for me to review the Tap East, in my quest to find the Ben Viveur London Pub of the Year.

Boak said...

Goodness me, is that him on the pumpclip? What have you done to him?!

Tap East Blog said...

Yeah Philippe, what HAVE you done to him? - Boak - it was extrapolated off a photo, I believe.

Gareth said...

Poor fella doesn't look too well. You do know that you're supposed to let him OUT of the cellar every now and again?

Glyn Roberts said...

Really, we'll try that then!

@jimthebrewer said...

You'll be pleased to know there's some great bratwurst and smoked cheese to go with this!