Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Old Brewer / New Brewer

Good afternoon all.

Eddie Baines, long time Utobeer employee and good friend of mine decided that he wanted a new challenge in the shape of a 20 barrel plant with another company. So he resigned last month and worked his final shift last Tuesday. In the short time that Eddie was at Tap East as brewer his beers were getting very good reviews by the general public. The IPA, JEB and the East End Mild in particular have had very good comments from you guys. So best wishes and good luck from everyone at Tap East, Eddie, thanks!

But all good things must come to an end and we needed to find a brewer quite quickly as the Essex and East London rumour mill went into Chinese whisper overdrive! Indeed, one rumour that was generated from an Essex CAMRA branch suggested we were closing down Tap East! Not yet ladies, you're worse than a bloody sewing circle!

So, instead of pandering to careless gossip, we have offered the job to an individual who we think can take Tap East to the next level of craft brewing.

Everyone, meet Tap East's new Head Brewer. Jim Wilson.

You may have met Jim around the craft beer scene at various places and events as, like most brewers, Jim is partial to the odd jar or two.

Expect a slightly different direction from the Brewery too, Jim is well into his craft beers and likes the American hops, indeed, I have already received an email outlining hops that I have to order for him and the list is really quite exciting!

He starts on Monday 26th March.

You can follow Jim on twitter @jimthebrewer and listen to him bitch and moan about his new boss. Me.

Until next time, adios.


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