Thursday, 23 February 2012

Brewery Sessions 2nd March!

Afternoon all,

Tap East is excited to announce the first of our  'Brewery Sessions' next Friday 2nd of March from 7pm.

We have three live acts playing and they are :

Gorgeous George
Influences include : Jewish Trad & Chas n Dave

JD Smith
Influences include : Eddie Cochran & Seasick Steve

Peter Kosanovich
Influences include : Bob Dylan and BJM

Now I just had to look up BJM because I'm an old fart but it sounds quite exciting, I'm looking forward to this and many more Brewery Sessions! Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Brewsters Chocolate Cyn Launch

Another day another date for your diaries!

This time it's Tuesday 6th March at 6.30pm for the launch of Brewsters latest collaborative effort, Chocolate Cyn!

This beer was brewed at the Brewsters brewery by three female beer lovers/writers/journos Shea Luke, Marverine Cole and Jane Peyton and it's a 4.8% spiced chocolate porter and we're really chuffed these lovely ladies asked us to help launch it!

check out the video on Marverines website! - loving the 'Coppercam'!

2012 is just about Olympics you know, there are tonnes of exciting beery events which will be happening right here!

Hands up who's coming! *Puts hand up*

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Food Explorer Offer!

Mornin' all!

As you may or may not be aware Westfield is doing something called the 'Food Explorer' this month and we're taking part in it!

Basically you can either, go to their website and download the passport or, if you live in the area you should have been sent a passport by post.

We are offering 2 halves of our own beer that we brew on site and a pork pie to share for just a fiver! so you're saving nearly 40%! Bonza! bargain! woot! n'all that!

All we ask is that you fill in your details on the back of the passport pull out and hand it in when you pay your fiver. No 'pull out, no deal'.

Seems fair enough to us!

Until next time!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cocktail Night!

Hi all!

As I mentioned in the first blog our cocktail list has been put together by world famous mixologist, Andy Pearson  and it goes live on Friday!

Our cocktail/hoptail list is being launched this Friday, 17th February from 6pm. You will be able to choose from our list which includes five classic cocktails like Bloody Marys and Margaritas and four more specialised cocktails which we'll be making with beer! HOPTAILS!

The launch offer will be two cocktails/hoptails for £8.50 so be sure to take advantage of this unique range of homemade cocktails!

So we hope to see you all at Tap East this weekend looking all sophisticated with Hoptail in hand!

Until next time


Welcome to Tap East!

Yep, finally I've gotten around to starting a blog for Tap East!

For those of you that aren't aware we opened a microbrewery(2.5bb brewery) in the new Westfield shopping centre located in Stratford.

'We' are Stratford International Brewhouse Ltd, and for those not 'in the know' we're the same people behind Utobeer.

Aims - Our aim for Tap East is to bring the vibrant 'craft beer' scene to East London by having at least four of our own beers on at any one time as well as two guest cask lines making six cask lines, supplemented by ten keg lines and a wide variety of bottled beers as you might expect from a company with our background.

We're going to have a cocktail list which will include what I call 'Hoptails' or Beer Cocktails as well as some classics, the list has been designed by Andy Pearson of Intoxicology.

We also have 8 wines and 1 sparkling wine for those that prefer the grape to the grain and I've put together a list of wines that I think will be good quality as well as good value for money!

Whilst I'm babbling insessantly I also want to thank a few people for getting us this far so here goes...
Westfield, if they hadn't approached us we wouldn't be here today.
Steve, Tesh and the rest of the guys at The Yard Creative.
Gina Baines - long suffering wife of our brewer and operator of Ethos coaching, she did all my staff training for me as I was otherwise engaged over here at Stratford!
Paul Martin and the folks at Concept Bars - without whom there would literally be no bar!
Joe Mayse and his team of builders, plumbers and sparks for actually building the place!

For those of you that love your shopping you can get off the Tube, Bus, DLR at Stratford and explore the mall from that end. We are at the opposite end!
For those of you (like me), who can't stand shopping, you can get off the DLR at Stratford International, walk through the train station concourse and we're literally opposite the station.

Food, we have a selection of snacks, sandwiches and boards all chosen to go very easily with beer, we source all our menu from The Great Eastern Market and Borough Market so as to get the food as fresh as possible.

The Team
Our bar team is run by Pietro and Joe, and our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you with recommendations if you're unsure of what you would like.

You can link to this blog for events and news about Tap East, you can 'Like' us on Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter @TapEast.

Thanks for reading and watch this space!

See you soon,

Glyn, Operations Manager, Utobeer & Tap East.