Tuesday, 6 November 2012

3 Shades of Black

Morning all!

This Thursday, 8th November at 6pm sees the release of 3 Shades of Black, possibly the most interesting beer launch to date. This is our multiple release London Porter...

As you can see from the poster we've got an original version, a sour version and a barrel aged version.

The original does what is says on the tin really, nicely roasty, far too easy to drink and perfect for this time of year!

The second of the Three Shades is the sour, how did we get it soured? No we didn't age it in a fluctuating temperatures for a couple of years, we used a Brettanomyces yeast strain.

Shade no.3 has been aged in a Longmorn Scotch whisky barrel for a couple of months. For those of you into your Whiskies, the Longmorn distillery is in Moray, Speyside. 

As usual you can get to Tap East easiest by getting off at Stratford International DLR station and walking across International Square where you will find us right on the edge of Westfield shopping centre.
Call 020 8555 4467 for more details!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Red Lion Tap Takeover!

Afternoon all,

We're taking over the taps at the Red Lion in Leytonstone on Friday 12th October!

If you're in the area of Leytonstone High Road and pop into the Red Lion, expect to see the following cask beer on the bar...

East End Mild
3.5% abv, Mild with hints of toffee and herbs.

Jim Wilson Bitter
3.8% abv, light bitter with a lovely dry finish.

London Extra
5.3% abv, Amber coloured Bitter, the recipe is adapted from one from the 1820's.

Coffee in the Morning
5.3% abv, Our widely acclaimed coffee stout made with fresh ground coffee beans from the Grind coffee shop, our neighbour at Westfield!

Urban Hop
4.8% abv, Our first ever Fresh hop beer, the hops came from Jim's garden and we got 5 kilos of Target hops into the brew!

So we're sending some cracking beers down the road to Leytonstone and the Red Lion is a great place to enjoy them. 

We hope to see you there!

Proceedings start at around 6pm and the address of the Red Lion is :

640 High Road,
E11, 3AA
Telephone : 020 8988 2929

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Good Beer Guide 2013



You can get your copy now at any decent book retailer.

International Arms Race

Next Wednesday, September 19th, Tap East will be playing host to the latest round of Brewdog and Flying Dog's fight for supremacy in their International Arms Race.

The International Arms Race is an IPA made without any hops! Crazy notion we think but we are intrigued to find out what they taste like!

So if you have an hour or two free on Wednesday night from 7pm, come and join us for some Doggy Fun and Zero IBU's and you can decide who the winner is!

We hope to see you Wednesday!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Getting Fresh!

So if you're a bit geeky about your beer like we are, you might have noticed that there's lots of green (or fresh) hop beers coming out at the moment.

Guess what? We're doing the same!

Our Brewer, Jim will be picking the hops vines in his garden on Friday morning and then we're(Jim and Glyn) going to brew with them the very same day!

Having already had a sniff of one of these delightful hop cones, I'm now pretty excited to be brewing with them.

We have yet to pick a name for the beer  but since Fresh Hop beers are meant to be drunk as fresh as possible we'll be launching it on Friday 28th September.

Names ideas will be considered so if you have ideas then let us know.

More info will come out as I know more but, we'll most likely be live blogging it too so keep an eye out on Friday!

hasta luego


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Swedish Silver Medalist Finds Gold At Tap East

Congrats to Hakan Dahlby on his Silver Medal in the shooting, double trap at London 2012.

He found Gold at Tap East though!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Beer and Paperwork

One of the bureaucratic nightmares about running a company with the word 'international' in the name, is that you have to import or export a product at least once a year.

And no, it's not Utobeer International, the company that owns Tap East is Stratford International Brewhouse Ltd. Even though we effectively named the company after the nearest train station, the nerds at Companies House/Govt told us we had to import or export something!

So instead of chasing kegs or casks around the globe when they are finished with we decided that we would import a beer for your enjoyment!

So when we were approached by cool Italian brewery, Brew Fist, we jumped at the chance!

So, from Monday you will be able to order the following beers from Utobeer...

24k Pale.4.6% abv. A lager beer brewed with British Malts and German Hops. Grassy aroma and a slightly bitter aftertaste. This is a great session beer for any occasion.
Available in 30L Keykegs or cases of 24x330ml bottles. While stocks last!

Jale, ESB. 5.6% abv. A beer of Anglo-saxon inspiration. Deep red in colour with roasted caramel notes. The aroma is that of classically English hops. This beer is balanced with a bitter finish.
Available in 30L Keykegs or cases of 24x330ml bottles. While stocks last!

Burocracy, IPA. 6% abv. An IPA made with Kiwi and American Hops. There are exotic citrus fruits in the aroma and on the palate. This balanced IPA has a lovely bitter finish that makes it a real must for any ale fan!
Available in 30L Keykegs or cases of 24x330ml bottles. While stocks last!

Fear, Milk Chocolate Stout. 5.2% abv. A beer that's dedicated for those people afraid of dark beers! Sweet, complex and oh-so drinkable. The lactose and the cocoa beans make it soft and aromatic. Simply delicious!
Available in 30L Keykegs or cases of 24x330ml bottles. While stocks last!

Spaceman, IPA. 7% abv. Brewed in the same style as a West Coast American IPA, this beer is aromatic, dry and well balanced by the alcohol! The three varieties of hops used(Citra, Simcoe and Columbus) give a bouquet of aromas which are accented by exotic citrus fruits! This is a beer geeks wet dream.
Available in 30L Keykegs or cases of 24x330ml bottles. While stocks last!

X-Ray, Imperial Porter. 8.5% abv. Jet black beer with aromas of coffee and chocolate. Lots of mocha and Caramel on the palate, but not too heavy. Very drinkable and moreish!
Available in 30L Keykegs while stocks last!

Once again folks, these beers will be available to order through Utobeer from Monday and once they're gone, they're gone!

Bye for now.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Beer Launch This Weekend!

Afternnon all,

Kellerman, Cellerman, Potato, Tomato..
Tomorrow we launch the latest beer to be brewed here at Tap East, The Kellerman. It's a 'Kolsch-Style' beer that's been fermented at a higher temperature than a lager and we've used top fermenting yeast. Then we lagered it.

The beer itself is 4.9% abv, Pale and golden which is herbal and grassy. Based on the Kolsch style from Koln in Northern Germany, it's more bitter than a lager and we have to say, we're pretty proud of it.

This one was brewed by our Head Brewer, Jim Wilson and our Cellerman, Chris, brother of Boak (Boak and Bailey fame).

So join us on Friday evening for Beer and Bratwurst!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

London Brewpub beers.

Afternoon all,

This Weekend, Friday 27th April - Sunday 29th April we're having a bit of a brewpub focus here at Tap East with not only ours, but beers from four other London brewpubs being put on cask.

For the tickers amongst you here's what will be available...

Brew Wharf, Borough - Cream Ale.
The Florence, Herne Hill - Bonobo.
The Florence, Herne Hill - Beaver.
The Bull, Highgate - 90 Shilling.
The Bull, Highgate - APA.
Beavertown, De Beauvoir - Neck Oil.
Beavertown, De Beauvoir - Smog Rocket.
Tap East - Topaz IPA
Tap East - J(ames)W(ilson)B(itter).

For those of you who don't know these sites here's a little info on them.

Brew Wharf - Part of the massive Vinopolis complex next to Borough Market. They'll always have two cask conditioned beers on at any one time and Brewer, Angelo Scarnera isn't afraid of using the odd hop here and there!

The Florence - Part of the capital pub company and situated right behind Herne Hill station, the florence has been a much needed kick up the arse for the herne hill area which until it came along was sorely lacking. In brewer, Peter Haydon they have someone who has the pedigree to produce some real beers of note! 

The Bull - situated right in the heart of leafy Highgate in N6, The Bull opened last year and became an instant favourite of mine, the beers brewed on site taste great and their Pulled Pork sarnies are to die for. Dan Fox has truly come up with a winning formula here!

Beavertown - The brewery and it's beers were only launched last week, it's owned by the same guys who own Dukes Brew and Que and by all accounts, brewer, Logan Plant has really set the bar high in terms of beers. I can't wait to taste these having had to miss the launch party last week!    

See you all soon, 


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Old Brewer / New Brewer

Good afternoon all.

Eddie Baines, long time Utobeer employee and good friend of mine decided that he wanted a new challenge in the shape of a 20 barrel plant with another company. So he resigned last month and worked his final shift last Tuesday. In the short time that Eddie was at Tap East as brewer his beers were getting very good reviews by the general public. The IPA, JEB and the East End Mild in particular have had very good comments from you guys. So best wishes and good luck from everyone at Tap East, Eddie, thanks!

But all good things must come to an end and we needed to find a brewer quite quickly as the Essex and East London rumour mill went into Chinese whisper overdrive! Indeed, one rumour that was generated from an Essex CAMRA branch suggested we were closing down Tap East! Not yet ladies, you're worse than a bloody sewing circle!

So, instead of pandering to careless gossip, we have offered the job to an individual who we think can take Tap East to the next level of craft brewing.

Everyone, meet Tap East's new Head Brewer. Jim Wilson.

You may have met Jim around the craft beer scene at various places and events as, like most brewers, Jim is partial to the odd jar or two.

Expect a slightly different direction from the Brewery too, Jim is well into his craft beers and likes the American hops, indeed, I have already received an email outlining hops that I have to order for him and the list is really quite exciting!

He starts on Monday 26th March.

You can follow Jim on twitter @jimthebrewer and listen to him bitch and moan about his new boss. Me.

Until next time, adios.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Stop the Beer Duty Escalator

This makes total sense. The price of a pint has soared by 35% in the last four years! If you don't sign this please state your bloody good reason!

STOP THE BEER DUTY ESCALATOR PETITION! - Sign it now and pass it on!

If we get 100,000 signatures we get parliamentary debate on the subject.

I look forward to a big increase in signatures soon!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Brewery Sessions Cancelled!

Morning all,

Tap East regret to announce the cancellation of tomorrows inaugural Brewery Sessions due to unforseen circumstances.

Fear not though, we are not abandoning our musical nights, they will be rescheduled for a later date!

Apologies for the inconvenience caused folks!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Brewery Sessions 2nd March!

Afternoon all,

Tap East is excited to announce the first of our  'Brewery Sessions' next Friday 2nd of March from 7pm.

We have three live acts playing and they are :

Gorgeous George
Influences include : Jewish Trad & Chas n Dave

JD Smith
Influences include : Eddie Cochran & Seasick Steve

Peter Kosanovich
Influences include : Bob Dylan and BJM

Now I just had to look up BJM because I'm an old fart but it sounds quite exciting, I'm looking forward to this and many more Brewery Sessions! Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Brewsters Chocolate Cyn Launch

Another day another date for your diaries!

This time it's Tuesday 6th March at 6.30pm for the launch of Brewsters latest collaborative effort, Chocolate Cyn!

This beer was brewed at the Brewsters brewery by three female beer lovers/writers/journos Shea Luke, Marverine Cole and Jane Peyton and it's a 4.8% spiced chocolate porter and we're really chuffed these lovely ladies asked us to help launch it!

check out the video on Marverines website! - loving the 'Coppercam'!

2012 is just about Olympics you know, there are tonnes of exciting beery events which will be happening right here!

Hands up who's coming! *Puts hand up*

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Food Explorer Offer!

Mornin' all!

As you may or may not be aware Westfield is doing something called the 'Food Explorer' this month and we're taking part in it!

Basically you can either, go to their website and download the passport or, if you live in the area you should have been sent a passport by post.

We are offering 2 halves of our own beer that we brew on site and a pork pie to share for just a fiver! so you're saving nearly 40%! Bonza! bargain! woot! n'all that!

All we ask is that you fill in your details on the back of the passport pull out and hand it in when you pay your fiver. No 'pull out, no deal'.

Seems fair enough to us!

Until next time!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cocktail Night!

Hi all!

As I mentioned in the first blog our cocktail list has been put together by world famous mixologist, Andy Pearson  and it goes live on Friday!

Our cocktail/hoptail list is being launched this Friday, 17th February from 6pm. You will be able to choose from our list which includes five classic cocktails like Bloody Marys and Margaritas and four more specialised cocktails which we'll be making with beer! HOPTAILS!

The launch offer will be two cocktails/hoptails for £8.50 so be sure to take advantage of this unique range of homemade cocktails!

So we hope to see you all at Tap East this weekend looking all sophisticated with Hoptail in hand!

Until next time


Welcome to Tap East!

Yep, finally I've gotten around to starting a blog for Tap East!

For those of you that aren't aware we opened a microbrewery(2.5bb brewery) in the new Westfield shopping centre located in Stratford.

'We' are Stratford International Brewhouse Ltd, and for those not 'in the know' we're the same people behind Utobeer.

Aims - Our aim for Tap East is to bring the vibrant 'craft beer' scene to East London by having at least four of our own beers on at any one time as well as two guest cask lines making six cask lines, supplemented by ten keg lines and a wide variety of bottled beers as you might expect from a company with our background.

We're going to have a cocktail list which will include what I call 'Hoptails' or Beer Cocktails as well as some classics, the list has been designed by Andy Pearson of Intoxicology.

We also have 8 wines and 1 sparkling wine for those that prefer the grape to the grain and I've put together a list of wines that I think will be good quality as well as good value for money!

Whilst I'm babbling insessantly I also want to thank a few people for getting us this far so here goes...
Westfield, if they hadn't approached us we wouldn't be here today.
Steve, Tesh and the rest of the guys at The Yard Creative.
Gina Baines - long suffering wife of our brewer and operator of Ethos coaching, she did all my staff training for me as I was otherwise engaged over here at Stratford!
Paul Martin and the folks at Concept Bars - without whom there would literally be no bar!
Joe Mayse and his team of builders, plumbers and sparks for actually building the place!

For those of you that love your shopping you can get off the Tube, Bus, DLR at Stratford and explore the mall from that end. We are at the opposite end!
For those of you (like me), who can't stand shopping, you can get off the DLR at Stratford International, walk through the train station concourse and we're literally opposite the station.

Food, we have a selection of snacks, sandwiches and boards all chosen to go very easily with beer, we source all our menu from The Great Eastern Market and Borough Market so as to get the food as fresh as possible.

The Team
Our bar team is run by Pietro and Joe, and our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you with recommendations if you're unsure of what you would like.

You can link to this blog for events and news about Tap East, you can 'Like' us on Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter @TapEast.

Thanks for reading and watch this space!

See you soon,

Glyn, Operations Manager, Utobeer & Tap East.